Can I Wear Bangs?

From the Desk of Robin Cook, Master Designer and Owner of Tangles Salon:

On a daily basis women sit in my chair and ask the question, “Can I really wear bangs?” There are basically five things to consider before you cut bangs.

1. What is your hair texture? You don’t need stick-straight hair to wear bangs, but if your natural texture is more than wavy, you’ll have to commit to potentially frustrating daily bang-taming sessions. Because bangs don’t have much length to weigh them down, they can often be curlier than the rest of your style.

2. Do you have a cowlick along your hairline? If the answer is yes, your bangs will have to be thick—starting farther back toward your crown—to keep the wayward hair in line.

3. Do you have a small forehead? If your hairline isn’t at least 2 inches from your brows, bangs (unless side-swept) could accentuate your small forehead.

4. How much time do you realistically want to spend on your hair? It may be only three minutes every morning, but bangs require styling (or a headband). Keep a spray bottle of water on hand so you can dampen and restyle your bangs, even on days you don’t wash your hair.

5. If you’re anxious about taking the plunge, we suggest clip-in hair fringe to create your new look. We texturize and cut and style them according to your facial shape. We also color, highlight and match the clip-in hair fringe to your natural or color-treated hair. Plus, we’ll show you how and where to place the fringe for the most natural and beautiful look.

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