Education for Life

Education is the key to success. Unfortunately, it is easier for some people than others to obtain. The less fortunate youth may not have the resources or the means to further their education and therefore may never have a career path to follow. It is up to you and me to give of our resources to help out the youth of America.

The Education for Life program is a program that was founded by Inter coiffure(an organization in which salon and spa owners meet to share creative and business ideas) to fund the education of America’s youth in the hair and spa industry.

I truly believe in this program because it gives so many of America’s young people the opportunity to advance themselves and achieve success in the salon and spa industry.

As a salon owner and someone who has been in the hair industry for more than twenty years, I have personally seen and experienced great fulfillment from my career choice both financially and emotionally. I would like to collect at least five hundred dollars to send to The Education for Life program.

Won’t you please help? Please contact Maurine Grant at Tangles Salon at 940.767.4600 for more information on the Education For Life program. Any contribution would be appreciated.

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